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Web Writing Workshop

We have a saying in the web world: content is king. Your site needs strong content so your users find what they need easily and quickly.

At the Web Writing Workshops, we cover:

  • Tips and tricks for developing your content,
  • How to write and organize for your users,
  • How to incorporate photos into your content, and
  • How to format your pages for maximum accessibility.

After we've covered those particulars, we will work with each web ambassador individually to develop and refine their content. Creating strong content can seem like a daunting task, but we work to make sure you walk away with the confidence and the skills you need to tackle your website content overhaul. The workshops are interactive and personalized so you get out of it what you need. If you've already attended but need a refresher, you can download the presentation.

The workshops are designed for groups, but if you cannot attend, we have opportunities for site-specific or one-on-one workshops, as well. Contact Elizabeth Rose at to schedule yours.

We also have opportunities for web ambassadors whose sites are already live.

Sign up for the workshops and we'll email you when we've scheduled the next one. We're looking forward to working with you!