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Visibility Settings

Visibility Settings

Determine the pages on which you would like the spotlight to appear.

  • If you would like the spotlight to show up on most of your pages, choose “All pages except those listed.”
  • If you would like to the spotlight to show up on one or just a couple of pages, choose “Only the listed pages.”
  • If it needs to appear on all of your pages, select “All pages except those listed” and leave the box blank.

Page Codes

Home page= <front>

Menu page= nameoflink

  • The best way to find the name of the link is to click on the menu link and look at the last part of the URL.
  • Use “-” in the place of any spaces.

For example, to display a spotlight on the Get Involved page on the Web Ambassador site, copy the part of the URL after the main site name: get-involved

Main menu page and corresponding subpages= nameoflink*

  • The “*” includes all subpages of the page listed