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Slideshows can be set to appear in the secondary sidebar area to the right of the page content and are another way to dynamically display information. You can include a maximum of ten slides in the slideshow. You will need to size your photos to 310 pixels by 211 pixels. To do this, you can use an editing program such as Sumo Paint (available for free at or Adobe Photoshop.

Part one: Create each slide

1. In the admin toolbar, hover your cursor over Content.
2. Pull your cursor down, and place it over Add content.
3. Click on General Purpose Slide.

4. Type the name of the slide in the Title box. It is a good practice to add “-slide” at the end of the title so that it will be easy to locate later. The title will not show on the slideshow.
5. Type your text in the Headline box. This should be short and will appear below the picture.
6. Enter any details related to the picture in the Body box.

7. Click on Select media to locate your image.
8. Click Browse and locate the image on your computer.
9. Click Open.
10. Click Submit.
11. Click Save.
Repeat this process until you have the desired number of slides (maximum of ten).

Part two: Creating the slideshow

1. In the admin toolbar, hover your cursor over Content.
2. Pull your cursor down, and place it over Add content.
3. Click on Slideshow Small (Block).
4. Enter a specific slideshow title in the Title box.
5. In the Slides text box, begin typing the name of a slide you created earlier (If you named your slide with “-slide” at the end, you can type “slide” into the text box, and all of your slides will appear for selection.)
6. Click on the desired slide’s title when it appears.
7. Click Add another item, and repeat the process for the rest of your slides.
8. If you would like to reorder the slides, click on the compass arrow next to the slide title and drag the slide to your desired location.

9. If you want the slides to automatically cycle through, check the box next to Cycle.
10. Set your desired cycle time.
11. Click Save.

Part three: Adding the slideshow to your page

1. In the admin toolbar, hover your cursor over Structure.
2. Pull your cursor down, and click on Blocks.
3. Scroll down until you see the slideshow that you created.
4. Click on Configure.
5.The Block title box should be left blank.

6. Scroll down to Ragin Cajun Sub-Site Theme (default theme) and click the drop down arrow.
7. Select Sidebar Second.
8. Select your preferences under the Show block on specific pages.
    * See Visibility Settings for additional information.
9. Click Save block.

Editing a slideshow

1. Click on the sprocket icon in the top right corner of the slideshow.

2. Select Edit.
3. Delete, add, and reorder slides as desired and make any necessary adjustments to your cycling preferences.
4. Click Save.