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Quick Links Box

Depending on your office/department, you may have information on your site that is accessed frequently. You can create a quick links list to help users easily find commonly requested information. You will want to use these sparingly and only for your most important links.

Part one: Creating the quick links box

1. In the admin toolbar, hover your cursor over Content.
2. Pull your cursor down, and place it over Add content.
3. Click on Quick Links (Block).
4. The text you enter in the Title box will display above the link list.
5. Enter your link title and URL.
• Click Search to locate and link to a page within your site.

6. Click Add another item to add more links (maximum of eight).
7. If you would like to reorder the slides, click on the compass arrow next to the slide title and drag the slide to your desired location.
8. Click Save.

Part two: Adding the quick links box to your page

1. In the admin toolbar, hover your cursor over Structure.
2. Pull your cursor down, and click on Blocks.
3. Scroll down until you see the link list that you created.
4. Click on Configure.
5. Leave the Block title box blank.
6. Scroll down to Ragin Cajun Sub-Site Theme (default theme) and click the drop down arrow.
7. Select Sidebar Second.
8. Select your preferences under the Show block on specific pages.
      * See Visibility Settings for additional information.
9. Click Save block.

Editing the quick links box

1. Click on the sprocket icon in the top right corner of the quick links box.
2. Select Edit.
3. Delete, add, edit, and reorder links as desired.
4. Click Save.

*NOTE. Content type was originally named Links List.