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Formatting Text

In the edit page window, you will find some of the most common formatting tools available to you in most word processing programs. There are some important tools to note.

1. Paste from Word: Click this button before pasting from Microsoft Word and some of the formatting will be cleaned up for you.

2. Spell check: Correct spelling is crucial for any website, especially a University’s site. Always spell check your work and have another person proof it before you publish the content.

3. Spell check while typing: Clicking on this will allow you to view misspelled words while typing.

4. Bold, italic, and underline tools can make key text stand out. Be sure to be consistent throughout your site when using them.

5. Bulleted and numbered lists make it easy to locate information and keep text from being to wordy.

6. Indenting text is another way to help the user locate information easily. Again, consistency is key. 

7. Alignment tools can help adjust the placement of text to give your page a better flow and make it more visually appealing. Always be consistent with this.

8. The format box allows you to select from preformatted text options. Using this feature, especially with headings and subheadings, will allow you to maintain consistency within your text throughout your site. It also makes it easy for users to quickly locate information.

9. The Linkit tool allows you to easily link to other pages within your site.

10. Hyperlinks can bring users to information without unnecessary steps. You can link to external sites or pages within your site.