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Adding an Image to Page Text

*Note: Before adding photos to your site, be sure they are resized to no more that 600 pixels wide. This will ensure that your site loads quickly and that the photos are easy to manipulate in the CMS. The easiest way to resize a photo is: Browse for and upload your photo and click "continue". Choose "resize" and if one of the percentages sizes is still too large, choose "custom size.." and enter the number 600 in the box asking for width. Save as a .PNG file (this type of file looks better on the web) and then click "I'm done, re-size my picture." When the new page opens, click on the "Save to disk" and it will download to your computer. Download printable instructions for using

1. Using the main menu, go to the page to which you want to add a picture.
2. Click the Edit tab above the content window.
3. Click on the Add media button.

4. Click on Browse and locate the file on your computer.
5. Select the image and click Open.
6. Click Submit.
7. In the “Current format is” drop down menu, select “Original.”
8. For accessibility reasons, give your image a meaningful description.
9. Click Submit.
10. Right-click on the image.
11. Select Image Properties.


You can set the image dimensions if you desire.
• Clicking the Lock icon will look the image proportions and keep it from becoming distorted.
13. Type “10” in the HSpace and VSpace boxes.

14. Set your desired alignment.
15. Click OK.
16. Drag your image to its desired location.
17. Select Save at the bottom of the screen.