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Adding Events

Events have been upgraded! Now your events will appear on the University's main web site in addition to your departmental site.

We've added several new sections to the Create Event page so that your audience will be better informed about the details of events. You can specify details about the event's target audience and admission requirements, as well as events sponsors and contact information.

1. In the admin toolbar, hover your cursor over Content.

2. Hover over Add Content.

3. Select Event.

4. Provide a title in the Title box.

5. Specify the time and date of the event.

6. (Optional) Add an image by clicking on Select Media and browsing for the picture.

7. Choose Event Type. A list of choices will appear when you click the search box. Click on an event type to select it. You can choose multiple event types.

8. In the Body text box, give a detailed description of the event.

9. Enter an Event URL, if applicable. This allows you to link to a web site or page containing more information about the event.

10. (Optional) You can provide links to Related News by typing the title of another event in the search box.

11. Choose a Primary Sponsor for the event.

12. Do not check the box next to Feature this event? Communications and Marketing controls which events are featured on the calendar site.

13. (Optional) Enter a name and/or URL for the event speaker or performer.

14. Select a Location from the drop-down list. If your location does not appear in the list, select "None" and include the location information the Directions section below.

15. Enter an Event contact e-mail. This e-mail address will appear on the Event web page, so use an alias, not a CLID. You may add further event contact information if desired.

16. Enter an Internal contact name and e-mail address. This will not be visible on the Event web page.

17. Choose an Event target audience. A list of choices will appear when you click the search box. Click on an Event target audience to select it. You can choose multiple Event target audiences.

18. Choose an option under Event open to. This allows you to limit event attendance to specific groups. You can choose multiple audiences.

19. Choose an option under Admission Info. This allows you to limit admission. For example, your event may require tickets or a University ID for admission.

20. Select Save at the bottom of the page.