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Main Menu Link

The key to a functional site is organization. Information should be categorized into no more than five categories, or “buckets.” These categories will be the links in your main menu. You will need to put some thought into naming and developing these categories so that the location of information makes sense to the target audience.

1. In the admin toolbar, hover your cursor over Content.
2. Pull your cursor down, and place it over Add content.
3. Click on Page.

4. Type the name of the page in the Title box.
5. Type or copy and paste your content in the Body box.
6. Scroll down to Provide a menu link and click in the box. A check mark will appear.

7. Ensure that the Parent item is "<main menu>."
8. Click Save at the bottom of the window.

Repeat this step for all desired main menu links (no more than five).