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FYI: Sites will be updated on Wednesday

ElizabethRose -- Fri, 09/11/2015 - 12:23pm

Attention, web ambassadors! Important announcement.

On Wednesday morning, Webmaster Eric will be running an update on all of our sites that will aid security and performance. While this is happening, we won't be able to get into any website to make edits. And when I say "we," that means all of us. Aimee and I don't have special powers to override things and edit stuff.

Count on this update taking all morning on Wednesday. Eric usually begins before any of us arrive at work and it usually lasts until lunch time.

After the update is over, please keep an eye out for anything weird or out of the ordinary on your website. Sometimes we have little glitches when we do an update on this scale, so we need all of your eyes on the sites so we can catch anything that may happen. We would really appreciate that.

As always, send any questions or concerns my way at