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Security alert: Remove all CLIDs from your site!

ElizabethRose -- Thu, 08/20/2015 - 8:42am

On Monday, Aimee and I were given the directive that all CLIDs had to removed from University websites. At that point, everything else on our to-do lists got shoved to the back burner and we scoured every single website to find all of the published CLIDs and replace them with email aliases.

A combined 16+ hours later, we've been through all of the sites and we think we found everything. Basically, whenever we found a CLID, we had to search for it in our email database to find if there were any aliases attached to it. If there was at least one alias, we replaced the email address then and there. If there weren't any aliases, we deleted the CLID from the website, and then emailed that individual and told them to create an alias.

We had to email hundreds of people, and keep track of it all in an insane-looking spreadsheet. People were suspicious of my motives, and that's fair — but if you received an email from me, please take it seriously!

If you haven't created an email alias yet, do it RIGHT. NOW. Create your email alias here. And then email me at to tell me what it is so I can go through all of the sites and add it.

Though we've contacted everyone, we ask that all of our web ambassadors keep an eye out for additional CLIDs on your websites and follow up with those people to ensure they create an email alias.

I cannot emphasize how imperative it is that you remove CLIDs from your website. You're basically broadcasting half of your University login information to the world, and that makes it difficult to maintain our security standards when we're giving out that information.

As always, if you have questions or comments, feel free to email me at (one of my other aliases).