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Images and Videos

Videos that appear on an official University website must created or approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Those that have not been approved will be removed. Do not use copyrighted images on your site. If you have permission to use an outside image, be sure to include the appropriate attributions below where it appears.

Photography is an important part of our brand identity and the users experience of the website. These images give our audience a feel for life at UL Lafayette. Examples shown here describe a template that distinguishes collective images, creates a distinctive brand, and supports our key messages. Contact if you need University images.

It is recommended that you resize photos before moving them into the Ragin’ CMS. Photos will not show in some browsers if they are not in RGB mode. Optimize images for the fastest download time possible. It is suggested that standard images be saved in jpg. or png. format and not exceed the 72 dpi resolution.

NOTE: Take mostly horizontal shots and a few vertical. Horizontal shots will be easier for you to utilize on your site—such as the centerpiece image on your homepage.

Template Image Dimensions

Ragin’ CMS provides designated areas to display images on your site. Many homepages have the option to provide a centerpiece slideshow similar to the University’s main homepage. Others have an area for header images. All have the option to include images in spotlight modules on the right side of your pages.

All centerpieces and top images are managed by the Office of Communications and Marketing for branding and design purposes. Photos will be taken by their staff in coordination with web ambassadors and uploaded to sites.

Below are the dimension requirements for images used within the site.

  • Images in the General Purpose Slides and Basic Spotlights are 230px x 153px
  • Images for News and Events are 600px x 400px (will resize automatically for thumbnails)
  • Inline images for the Events/Info/Admission Updates section are 165px x 110px

Wear Red and Utilize Our Logos

Shooting and using images of students on campus wearing red helps distinguish our photos from stock images. Ideally, students should be wearing apparel that has UL Lafayette or Ragin’ Cajun logos attire or students should be holding UL Lafayette merchandise. Keep it natural—photos should not look staged. For example, not everyone has to wear red University gear in the picture.

Never use photos of students wearing apparel from another University, company, or product names/logos.

Real Settings

Images that showcase the unique personality and scenery of the University and campus life have the best appeal. Viewers like to identify locations and events, as well as people. For some, an online photo is the only way to experience the campus.

Students enjoy life at the University in many environments. Nontraditional settings can give the audience a more familiar, personal connection to student life.


Use your photographs to capture the feel of an area. People don’t have to be recognizable in all instances to give the audience and impression. Backgrounds can often be the dominant element of an image.

Successful use of available light reinforces an editorial feel and adds to the intimacy of the audience with the images. Avoid photos taken in the middle of the day when light is often harsh. Early mornings, late afternoons, or evenings are preferred. The last thing you want is people squinting into the sun!

Interesting Views & Perspectives

A different perspective can literally and figuratively describe the uniqueness of life around the UL Lafayette campus. Focus can be beyond the foreground, and unexpected camera angles (from above, behind, below, etc.) can add to the feeling of being a part of the experience.

A totally different visual message can be delivered by creatively cropping an image. The focus can then be more on the experience.

NOTE: Be sure to take horizontal photographs with the subject of the photo more to the right of the lens when planning to use a photo as a centerpiece image. Remember that text is overlaid on the left of the image in these instances.

Actions & Emotions

Life at UL Lafayette is anything but ordinary and boring. Our campus is alive with students, events, and activities, so our photos should represent that. Shoot and use photos in which people are interacting naturally. A little motion blur or soft focus can sometimes translate this feeling. Let’s show the world how much is happening at the University… and how much fun we have!

Smiles, laughter, concentration, and other expressions of emotions make the people in the photographs approachable and relatable.

Photography Resources