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Request a URL

All new site developments require a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), so that visitors can access that particular site on the Web ( As of January 2013, the following policies must be used to request and obtain official university URLs.

Permanent URLS

Full names are required. The permanent URL designated for each new site must not contain abbreviations of the name of the office itself. An abbreviated URL may be chosen as a redirect.

University permanent URLs:

  • Colleges and offices: identifiers must precede the “” domain
  • Departments and centers: identifiers must follow the “” domain
  • URLs with "" are not distributed to faculty or staff for personal sites

Redirect URLS

URL shortening is allowed to ease accessibility and for use in print materials.

Multiples URLs are allowed, but only the first, non-abbreviated version will be the “home” domain, meaning when a user types in, they would automatically be redirected to

You may request additional redirect URLs at a later time as needed. To do so, submit a request via the Web Request Form.