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Criteria for Redesign

With hundreds (yes, hundreds) of sites in need of a redesign, a set of criteria has been defined to determine the order in which these sites are developed.

The University's main website was completed first, along with Admissions and outlying sites related to Admissions, including Housing. We will then proceed with development by college, with the colleges determining the order of departments.

The criteria used for determining site order is as follows:

  1. Are you in the University’s old website template?
  2. Is your college/department up for accreditation?
    Does your department generate revenue directly?
  3. Do you have sections of your site that do not work and cannot be accessed?
  4. Do you have a dedicated staff member for the redesign process?
  5. What is the frequency that a student, faculty, or staff member would visit your site? How critical are the tasks they will perform on your site?