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Who We Are

Our core team is made up of experts in Web writing, development, site structures, communications, and training. With members from the Office of Communications and Marketing, IT, and the Help Desk, the core team is a great resource for our Web network.

Aimee Bullinger
Interim Chief
Communications Officer
Office (337) 482-5519   

Eric Soirez
Office (337) 482-5763

Elizabeth Rose-Arcuri
Associate Director of
Digital Communications
Office (337) 482-1626
Amy Windsor
Social Media Strategist
Office (337) 482-2975
Chris Jones
Multimedia Specialist
Office (337) 482-1351

Web Ambassadors by Site

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AAUP: American Association of University Professors, UL Lafayette chapter
John Laudun | Email

Academic Affairs
Robert McKinney | Email
Karen Faber | Email

Academic Success Center
Francine Prudhomme | Email
Pennie Babin | Email

Accounting, Department of
Pamela Meyer | Email

Josh Perrodin | Email

Administrative Services
Lisa Landry | Email

Advancement Services
Sherri Desormeaux | Email

Allied Health Professionals, Dept. of
Lisa Delhomme | Email

Architecture and Design, School of
Sarah Young | Email

Arts, College of the
Donny Broussard | Email


Biology, Department of
Brad Moon | Email
Scott Duke-Sylvester | Email
Scott France | Email

Bursar (Student Cashier Office)
Christie Boutte | Email

Business, College of
Marisa Collins | Email

Cajun Card Office
Justin Mire | Email
Wilbert Augustus | Email

Career Counseling Center
Lauren Landry | Email

Career Services
Amy Chauvin | Email

CBIT (Center for Business & Information Technologies)
Andrea Aloisio | Email

Center for Gifted Education
Kathleen McIntire | Email
Christine Briggs | Email

Center for Louisiana Studies
Michael Martin | Email
Jennifer Guidry | Email

Chemical Engineering, Department of
LaShaun Bordelon | Email

Chemistry, Department of
Andrea Leonard | Email

Child Development Center
Susan Arceneaux | Email
Lacey Racca | Email

Civil Engineering, Department of
LaShaun Bordelon | Email

Kaye Choate | Email

Communication, Department of
Phil Auter | Email

Communications & Marketing
Aimee Bullinger | Email

Communicative Disorders, Department of
Nancye Roussel | Email

Compliance, Athletics Division
Thomas Burke | Email

Computing and Informatics, School of
Michael Totaro| Email

Counseling & Testing Center
Kristy D. Fusilier | Email

Counselor Education, Department of
Latifey Lafleur | Email
Irv Esters | Email

Criminal Justice, Department of
Pearson Cross | Email

CVDI (Center for Visual & Decision Informatics)
Andrea Aloisio | Email

Claire St.Romain | Email

Disability Services
Carol Landry | Email
Kim Warren | Email

Distance Learning
Claire Arabie |  Email>

Cheryl Bryant | Email
Taniecea Arceneaux Mallery | Email

Economics & Finance, Department of
Carey Heath | Email

Education, College of
Paula Montgomery | Email
Nathan Roberts | Email
Tiffany Taylor | Email

Educational Curriculum & Instruction, Department of
Peter Sheppard | Email
Doug Williams | Email
Christine Briggs | Email

Educational Foundations & Leadership, Department of
Dianne Olivier | Email
Frank Del Favero | Email
Dorothy Slater | Email

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of
LaShaun Bordelon | Email

Engineering, College of
LaShaun Bordelon | Email

English, Department of
Randy Gonzales | Email
Patti Pangborn | Email
Daniel Altenburg | Email
Katie Baxter | Email
Delaney McLemore | Email
Julia Price | Email

Environmental Health and Safety
Taz Wininger |Email

Ernest Gaines Center
Cheylon Woods | Email

ERP Implementation (Banner)
Travis Lange | Email
Aimee Bullinger | Email

Financial Aid
Cindy Perez | Email
Vickie Kidder | Email
Chrissie Broussard | Email

Financial Services
Angie Smith | Email

First-Year Experience
Dana Bekurs | Email

Geosciences, School of
Dave Borrok| Email

Graduate School
Dave DesOrmeaux | Email
Shawn Thibodeaux | Email

Graduate Student Organization
Elizabeth Melvin | Email
Sarah Gawronski | Email

Greek Life
Erica Schwartz | Email

Health Promotion and Wellness
Susan Lyman | Email
Lisa LeBlanc | Email

Help Desk
David Savoie | Email

History, Geography & Philosophy, Department of
Thomas Cauvin | Email
Hector Cordoba | Email

Honors Program
Ryan Winters | Email

Jules Breaux | Email

Human Resources
Corey Faul | Email

Industrial Technology, Department of
LaShaun Bordelon | Email
Corinne Dupuy | Email

Informatics Research Institute
Andrea Aloisio | Email

Innovation Management
C. Dean Domingue | Email

Institute for Coastal and Water Research (ICaWR)
Mark Hester | Email
Jonathan Willis | Email

Institutional Assessment, Office Of
Alise Hagan | Email

Institutional Research, Office Of
Lisa Lord | Email

International Affairs
Rose Honegger | Email
Mandy Hebert | Email

Internal Audit, Office of
Jeremy Guillory | Email

Kinesiology, School of
David Bellar | Email
Randy Aldret | Email

Library, Edith G. Dupre
Sherry Curry | Email
Laurie Vanderbrook | Email
Sandra Himel | Email
Zach Stein | Email
Heather Plaisance | Email

Liberal Arts, College of
Pearson Cross | Email
Sally Donlon | Email
Annie Vu | Email

Management, Department of
Vanessa Hill | Email

Marine Survival Training Center
Pearly Lemaire | Email

Marketing and Hospitality, Department of
Geoff Stewart | Email
Johnathon Trahan | Email
Shandrea Sinegal | Email

Mathematics, Department of
Calvin Berry | Email
James Kimball| Email

Mechanical Engineering, Department of
LaShaun Bordelon | Email

Military Science, Department of (ROTC)
John Terminato| Email

Modern Languages, Department of
Caroline Huey | Email
Monica Wright | Email

Music & Performing Arts, School of
Jon Kulp | Email
Sara Birk | Email

Andrea Aloisio | Email

Nursing, College of
Amanda Menard | Email

Laura Colligan | Email

Lauren Sarver | Email

Donna Castile | Email

Petroleum Engineering, Department of
LaShaun Bordelon | Email

Picard Center for Child Development & Lifelong Learning
Mike Mayne | Email
Chris Reed | Email

Physics, Department of
Todd Henry | Email
James Dent | Email
Andi Petculescu | Email

Megan Breaux | Email
Helen Usher | Email

Political Science, Department of
Rick Swanson | Email

Psychology, Department of
Amy Brown | Email
Hung-Chu Lin | Email
Yang Yang | Email

Lark Chartier | Email
Kristi Montet | Email

Recreational Sports
Matt Cole | Email

Regional Application Center
Aaron Baudoin | Email

Registrar’s Office
Kaye Choate | Email
Simon Wooster | Email
Shawn Thibodeaux | Email
Cammy Green | Email

Research (Office of the VP)
Abby Guillory | Email

Research Sponsored Programs
Abby Guillory | Email

Scholarship Office
Yvonne Lanoux| Email

Sciences, College of
Calvin Berry | Email
Michael Totaro| Email

David Yarbrough | Email
Vanessa Adamson | Email

Sociology, Anthropology, Child & Family Studies, Department of
Maranda Kles | Email
Janice Weber | Email
George Wooddell | Email

Special Services, Department Of
Michael Chretien | Email

Sponsored Programs Finance Administration and Compliance
David Schultz | Email

STEP (Student Technology Enhancement Program)
Keith Guillory | Email

Student Affairs
Joan Speyrer | Email

Student-Athlete Academic Center
Tambria Neal | Email

Student Engagement & Leadership
Heidie Lindsey | Email

Student Government Association (SGA)
JoElla Burke | Email

Student Health Services
Fonda Guillory | Email
Madeline Husband-Ardoin | Email

Student Survival Guide
Aimee Bullinger | Email
Dana Bekurs | Email

Student Union
Michelle Bernard | Email
Dawn Miller| Email

Study Abroad
Patricia Mouillé | Email

Office of Sustainability
Gretchen Vanicor | Email

Title IX
Corey Faul | Email

Transportation Services
Cassandra Matheny | Email

University Advancement
Sherry Desormeaux | Email

University College
Michael Chretien | Email

University Connection
Roni Wilson | Email

University Police
Billy Abrams | Email

University Program Council
Ruben Henderson | Email

Veteran Services
Sammi Conner | Email